Bypass CORS

Welcome to our CORS proxy

Bored with "Cross-Origin Request Blocked: The Same Origin Policy disallows reading the remote resource at..." ? Our CORS proxy gives to developers the ability to bypass this error generated by browsers. Bypass CORS allows users to access ressources from external websites without having to create their own server.
Don't waste your time tackling bored stuff, we have already developed a CORS proxy API for you ✌️ !

Get Started

Each time you need to fetch an external website that need CORS to be enabled, simply call "".

Let's say you want to access, unfortunately facebook do not enabled CORS from anonymous websites. You can bypass CORS error by calling :

Do not forget to encode your url.

With Javascript use "encodeURIComponent" function like this :

var url = "" + encodeURIComponent("");

A little documentation

Perform GET request

Method : GET
Endpoint : ""

Perform POST request

Method : POST
Endpoint : ""

A little trick for POST requests. We use body request to send headers in order to bypass CORS restrictions.

That way the body json look like :



We currently support only GET and POST requests.

This is a FREE API, you may experience some delay or interruption.

Need help ?

If you need further information contact me on linkedin.